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  • Corrugated Metal Hose
  • Stripwound Metal Hose
  • PTFE / Teflon Hose
  • Smoothbore

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Metal and PTFE Hose

Metal Hose Online’s Metal, PTFE/Teflon, Specialty Metal Hose and Composite Hose overcomes temperature extremes, high pressures and harsh chemicals.

Metal Hose Online’s Composite Hose is available in a complete range of advanced films and fabrics and excellent for use in petroleum, chemical and oil transfer, petrochemical vapor recovery, as well as tank truck delivery.

At the heart of Metal Hose Online’s success is our in-house welding expertise.
Fabricated to meet your specifications and by our trained professionals. All Metal Hose Online’s metal hose assemblies are 100% tested.

Our technicians and skilled tradesmen stand ready to take on your most demanding application.

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Metal Hose Assemblies

Certified to NAHAD Hose Safety Standards to Handle up to 325 º F

Metal Hose Online fabricates metal & teflon hose to your specifications and welds in-house by our trained professionals. All metal hose assemblies are 100% tested. Available from ¼” to 12” in various alloys and un-braided, single braid and double braid covers.

Specialty Metal Hose

  • Specialty Metal Hose Racer Assembly:
    • Inner hose contains heat/cool element for the media
  • Jacketed Hose Within Hose:
    • Steam often circulated in outer jackets to keep media in inner hose flowing
  • Oxygen Service Hose
  • Liners & Bend Restrictors

Corrugated Metal Hose

  • Stainless metal hose (316L, 304 or 31L)
  • Available in single braided, double braided or unbraided covers
  • Suitable for aggressive chemicals and temperature extremes

Stripwound Metal Hose

  • Rugged hose suitable for the transfer of dry bulk materials.
  • General purpose, roughbore (or smoothbore) interlocked metal hose
  • Guard or open-end exhaust hose applications
  • Stainless or Galvanized steel
  • Max flexibility, long service life
  • Convey air, exhaust and variety of solid materials
  • Internal silicone sealing for leak free positive pressure or vacuum service
  • Tar and asphalt hose
  • Smooth bore hose for pneumatic dry bulk conveyance

Welding Capabilities

Welding 3
  • Regular flex metal hose
  • Extra flexible metal hose
  • Static metal hose
  • High-Pressure metal hose
  • Ultra-high pressure metal hose
  • Chemical Transfer metal hose
  • Chlorine Transfer metal hose
  • Bronze metal hose
  • Spiral Welded metal hose

End Fittings

  • Pipe Thread Fittings
  • Flanges, FJX, Elbows
  • Tees, Ground Joints
  • Cam & Groove, Swivel, Quick Disconnects also available

PTFE/Teflon® Hose Assemblies

Inert to practically all: Chemicals, Acids, Alcohols, Hydraulics & Solvents

PTFE/Teflon, known for its excellent chemical resistance, is available in smooth bore, convoluted, static dissipative tube, upbraided, braided or rubber covered.


Highly flexible Teflon-lined hose, designed for high pressure. Various fittings are available, including Teflon liner-flared-thru the sealing face as shown above.

Rubber (EPDM) Covered Hose

With Teflon lining, versatile applications with a rubber cover that makes it easy to grip the hose and easy to clean the hose.

Easy Cleaning
For High Purity Applications

  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • FDA/3-A

High Flow Rate

Low Friction Conductive & Non-Conductive Tube Available


Helically convoluted for excellent flexibility. Stainless, polypropylene, Hastelloy braids with stainless reinforcing wire wound into the convolutions.

Sanitary Hose

Designed to replace the silicone rubber hose with better chemical resistance and clean-ability for pharmaceutical use.

Flexible & Strong

  • Performs well under high pressure (with outer braid) & vibration
  • Lightweight Hose
  • Holds up to -100 degrees F — +500 degrees F

Composite Hose Assemblies

Certified to NAHAD Hose Safety Standards to Handle up to 325 º F

For Use in Petro-Chemical Transfer Applications

  • Petroleum, chemical and oil transfer
  • Petrochemical vapor recovery
  • Loading arms in bottom loading operations
  • Tank truck delivery
  • Optimum chemical resistance

Available in a complete range of advanced films and fabrics to meet all your hose requirements. Our trained experts fabricate in-house — as shown to the right.

Metal Hose Online’s Expansion Joints are available pre-engineered or as custom design in a choice of alloys,

  • Pressure from full vacuum to 3000 psi
  • Temperature range of -450F to 2000F
  • Superior engineering
  • Precisely controlled manufacturing processes
  • Expert quality control
Products for the Chemical Industry

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