Why Metal Hose Online’s Stripwound Metal Hose?

Metal Hose Online offers one of the most extensive lines of metal hose products to meet a wide range of design requirements. Our metal hoses are mechanically or hydro-formed, stainless steel or bronze, standard or high pressure and meet flexibility and cycle life requirements.

corrugated metal hose
  • Metal hose assemblies are often used where rubber, plastic, PTFE, or other types of hose products are unsuitable.
  • The reinforced corrugated metal hose provides for the transfer of liquids or gases and is engineered to handle extreme temperature and pressure.
  • Metal hose may be appropriate where other types of hoses are not, such as the transfer of extremely high-temperature liquids or gases or transferring extremely cold (cryogenic) liquids.

Keep in mind:

  • Stripwound metal hose is a rugged product made from a strip of steel that is profiled and continuously wound around a mandrel to form a hose.
  • The strip is formed with legs that interlock to form a hose that is flexible and ideally suited for conveying dry bulk materials, gas exhaust, or used as a protective cover.
  • Designed to reduce damage to delicate materials, another steel strip is added inside a rough-bore hose to provide a smooth interior surface.
  • Packing may be added to interlocked hose to minimize leakage through the hose profile. The most effective packings are made from resilient materials such as elastomers and, to a lesser extent, cotton. Harder materials (stainless steel and copper) are also available if requested

Interlocked Stripwound Metal Hose

Interlocked Stripwound Metal Hose is a high-quality, general-purpose hose, constructed from a single strip of metal that is profiled and locked onto itself. The interlocked, or overlapping, sections of strip are able to slide back and forth, providing the ability to flex.

Interlocked Abrasion Stripwound Metal Hose

Our braided flex metal hose is the most flexible metal hose available on the market while conforming to the performance standard ISO 10380. It comes standard in 321 hose with a 304L braid and can be special ordered using 316L hose material. Our braided flex hose has an annular hydro-formed dissymmetrical omega-shaped corrugation, giving the hose its ultra flexibility for applications requiring a higher cycle life. It is stocked in standard sizes ranging from ¼” to 6”. Single or double braid reinforcement can be supplied in all sizes.

Interlocked Tar & Asphalt Stripwound Metal Hose

Constructed from a single strip of galvanized steel with Hose Master’s proprietary packing, this hose is used for transferring high-temperature, viscous fluids. Tar & Asphalt hose is leak-resistant and handles maximum suction. It is design-tested to 100 psi and has a temperature range of -40º F. to 500º F.

Interlocked Bend Restrictor Stripwound Metal Hose

Designed for ULTRA high-pressure applications with superior flexibility and made from heavy stainless steel wall with either T321 or T316L stainless steel. This annular, heavy-wall corrugated metal hose is a close pitch design. Single or double braid reinforcement may be supplied in all sizes.

OnGuard Asset Tracker has Maintenance Programs to Improve Hose Safety

Reduce the risk of hose failures through routine hose inspections, testing and certification programs. Our OnGuard™® hose management services include testing, tagging and traceability of your hoses from “cradle to grave”. These proactive programs are managed by our hose experts and keep you running efficiently and safely.

corrugated metal hose

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